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Here are some testimonials from my patients:

I have seen Melinda during acurate sinusitis combined with a Flew Type A. After the 2 sessions with her, my headache were totally gone and my breathing came back to normal. Her very positive attention came as a big relieve during my illness. Thank you so much. You’re a pure jewel.

23 October 2016
J’ai eu la chance de recevoir une séance de magnétisme avec Melinda et je suis ravie des résultats.

J’avais par le passé déja expérimenté des séances de Reiki avec d’autres praticiens et j’avais été moyennement satisfaite.

Durant la séance, Melinda a su me mettre a l’aise. Dés qu’elle a commence à apposer ses mains, j’ai senti une grosse chaleur. Mon corps a réagi tout de suite. Ca peut paraitre curieux mais je sentais que ça “bougeait” (émotionnellement mais aussi physiquement) dans ma tête alors que Melinda était sur mes pieds. J’ai même ressenti comme des décharges au niveau de la nuque (à l’endroit même ou je suis souvent bloquée). J’ai reçu des flashs de couleurs, et je suis rentrée en meditation profonde. Je suis ressortie de la séance dans un état de relaxation que je n’avais jamais expérimenté depuis des années et sans aucune tension dans mon corps.

J’ai été trés fatiguée pendant les 2 jours qui ont suivi la séance, ce qui est une réaction normale après un rééquilibrage d’énergie.

Ça fait maintenant un mois depuis ma séance, et je sens qu’il y a vraiment eu un “avant” et un “ apres”. Je me sens apaisée, rechargée et plus forte pour affronter les aléas de la vie.

Un grand merci Melinda pour votre professionalisme, votre écoute, votre passion.

20 October 2016

I was very lucky to meet Melinda through a friend. I was told some very good thing how Melinda did help her with her back pain and that has change her sleep from average to great. As i am suffering from a plantar fasciitis, i have decided to see her for a healing session and in 3 sessions the pain which was 8 on a scale to 10 resolve to 3 . Now I wake up with less pain in the morning. Thank you .

J:ai vu Melinda pour une faciitis plantaire et en 3 rendez vous elle a fait diminuer la douleur. Maintenant je pose le pied par terre sans problem au réveil .
Merci Melinda

frederic lab
Operation Manager, THAILAND.
15 October 2016
I recently tried the healing services of Melinda. I had a problem at my neck and another one with a tooth. After only one session, most of the pain has gone. For a better result up to 3 sessions are necessary but results can be achieved with one. I remember an intense heat around my head when Melinda was treating me.
I plan to go back there to continue the treatment.
John, Singapore
15 October 2016
Dear Melinda,
I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind I achieved after my consultation with you. Prior to seeing you I was anxious and fearful and I didn’t know which path to take. I walked out of our consultation a few person.
I am now excited about the future and can’t wait to return to Canberra to get on with the rest of my life.
I arrived at Amity Wellness nearly two weeks ago a shadow of my former self. While Amity attended to my physical and most of my other needs I remained a troubled soul.
Melinda’s generous spirit and gifts helped me understand what my life purpose truly is, minus all the guff. Time and time again throughout our consultation I was surprised by the accuracy and clarity of her reading.
Melinda was the missing bit to complete my time at Amity Wellness. I am only sorry I didn’t see her early in my stay rather than at the end.
I will never be able to thank you enough,
Beth xxx
57 year old mother of two of has retired after nearly 40 years in the Australian Public Service, Canberra
09 October 2016
Dear Melinda,
Thank you for your sessions. It’s been 3 years that i have been consulting you once a year. Every year, I am still amazed by the accurate and detailed readings. You are really gifted. I have noticed that year after year, your reading is getting deeper and deeper. What I like with your readings is that it is not just a clairvoyance. It is a real life coaching. If you see “bad” things, you will coach me on how to deal with these situations. You coach me to take the right decisions in my professional life. You have really helped me so much ! I will keep consulting you once a year as your help is precious to me. Once again, thank you for your time, your support, your coaching and your professionalism.
11 September 2016
Merci Melinda pour les deux dernières consultations. Vous avez les mots justes pour m’aider à avancer de manière très positive et constructive. Grâce à vous et votre clairvoyance, je commence (je pense) à sentir ou vivre vos bonnes lectures de cartes. Dans tous les cas, cela me fais tellement de bien et cela m’aide beaucoup afin d’attirer plus de “positif” dans ma vie. Vous avez vraiment plusieurs dons : celui de la voyance mais aussi celui de la psychologie.
Melinda, j’avance avec vous et vous dis donc à dans quelques mois pour vous donner des nouvelles de vos lectures.
“si vous ne la rencontrez pas vous ne saurez jamais ce qui vous attend mais dans tous les cas cela ne pourra que vous faire du bien. C’est personnellement ce que je pense”.
Educator, Paris, FRANCE
09 September 2016
Melinda read for me in April of 2015. The reading was very intriguing at the time, as she brought out specific information for which i had not given any prompting . I was in at a crossroads where i had to make some important decisions for my present and future and she read the situations and informed me of insights that were very relevant to the choices that i had to make. She continued on to bring forth things that were happening in my life that were less in the forefront than the immediate activities about which i had to make decisions. She was able to read the (emotional) area of my present situation and saw opportunities where i could make choices that would better/enhance the present. Following my reading, I embarked on a journey that was new and exciting and unknown, uncertain of what to expect. As the year progressed, i was continuously reminded of my reading with her as her insights appeared over and over again. In retrospect, the reading helped me to step forth into an unknown with some familiarity, helping me to make choices with more clarity and forethought. The whole experience was very empowering.
Montessorian, Reality Therapist, yoga teacher, naturopath, Thailand
05 September 2016
What an INCREDIBLE session!! Melinda gives you exactly whats happening in your life, good AND bad. I sat with Melinda in August 2016 and she saw my past, present and future all on POINT. Ive done sessions before but nothing like this, she saw the direction im going in my life and helped me a lot in clarifying my life and planning accordingly. Words cannot really express much but I highly recommend a session with her because people like her are very rare to find. Thank you so much Melinda, really a beauty inside out !
Business Man, Africa
03 September 2016
Since I meet Melinda, I was all the time curious to know more about what she can tell to me about my private life: sentimental, laboral & Business & Health situation. I decide to take a session with her as I was feeling so confusing of my situation, and then… only thing I can said, “IT WAS AMAZING” few things of my private life… nobody knows! a part of me!… she told me exactly what happens in the present in all levels, then speaking about the near future also she told me what will happen and again few points were in my mind but I was not sure which direction to go. Melinda has an incredible gift and all this helps me a lot, be more confident about my future decisions and feel confortable, Thanks a lot for that, really will drive me in the good way. Georges
CEO and former General Manager of 5 stars hotels., THAILAND
17 August 2016
I met Melinda after attending a meditation class in Thailand. While I was waiting for the class I saw a book of all the people who previously met with her and their testimonials. Every testimonial was positive and uplifting and I was so intrigued that they were all written in different languages. It wasn’t just one type of person who found meeting with Melinda was a positive experience but multiple people from different backgrounds and cultures. I’m so thankful I was able to meet with her before I returned home from Thailand. She gave me such clarity to some big decisions and presented everything in a kind and positive way. My first session was such a good experience that I’m looking forward to having another in the future. Thank you Melinda.
14 July 2016
I had the pleasure to meet Melinda on my first trip to Thailand. She is an amazing woman! She told me things about my personal life that no one knows. She went into fine details speaking about my life without asking questions or getting hints. Everything she said is now happening. A wonderful experience!
05 July 2016
Melinda’s reading was simply amazing! I had heard all positive feedbacks from other people but surely she surprised me with how accurate her reading was! All she foretold is unfolding in front of me as the days go by. She was spot on so many little details, helpi g me focus on the priorities in my life.Grateful that our paths crossed! Thank you Melinda!
05 July 2016
It was really amazing for me to meet Melinda and talk to her. She was very sweet, thoughtful, and especially clear and encouraging. Within three months, She’ve helped me twice, and she even see how things go, and what she told me is absolutely correctly. that’s incredibly amazing.
Business entrepreneur, Beijing- CHINA
23 June 2016
I consulted Melinda a few times already and I definitely recommand her. She has a powerful ability for reading the cards and she is able to do that online, commenting all cards one by one, patiently explaining what she sees and even giving advises.. I can confirm that she is my best fortune teller experience
CEO Investment field, Istanbul / Turkey
17 June 2016
J ai rencontre Melinda a bangkok lors d une consultation. Elle est une aura a elle toute seule. Don d ecoute et de perception indeniable. Don de lecture des cartes et d interpretation aiguise. Elle parle plusieurs langues couramment. C est une rencontre qui peut s averer decisive.
Tres disponible et tres pro. Les questions precises obtiennent des reponses precises. Une belle ame.
Jewelry designer., Bangkok
09 June 2016
Melinda is a beautful soul whose gift is very powerful. Her reading for me was really thorough,insightful and accurate regarding past and present issues in my life – and hopfully just as accurate for the beautiful future that is coming for me. I would recommend her skill, professionalism, compassion and ability to anybody seeking answers to questions in their life.
07 June 2016
Voilà 3 ans que j´ai rencontré Melinda dans un moment très difficile de ma vie (perte de mon business, séparation de mon couple, bref la totale)
J´ai consulté Melinda plusieurs fois. Elle m´a guidé grâce à sa voyance très précise.
Aujourd´hui, ses prédictions se font jour, j´ai repris mon affaire et j´ai reconstruit ma vie de couple. Comme elle me l´avais annoncé l´an dernier, j´attends maintenant un bébé…
Merci Melinda pour votre voyance très claire.
Nice, France
02 June 2016
I was a beautiful experience, en français car Melinda is fluent in English, en français and more I believe.
I saw other card readers but she is more than that, she is clairvoyant.
Elle a pu me conforter dans mes propres intuitions sans dire un seul mot.
She was able to confort my intuition in looking at the cards without a word.
She saw the past and for the future she predicted I will keep in touch.
She is a great soul. Très belle âme.

08 May 2016
Melinda was very switched on every question and doubts I have been struggling and unsure about my relationship.
The reading revealed them all plus my family and work came up. I was presently surprised and all my fears and concerns were answered very well and made me feel releaved. We talked of solutions and future and the conclusion was positive for me.
So all in all I found Melinda´s expérience a special one.
Thank you
Manchester, ENGLAND
23 April 2016
It was a very nice session with Melinda.
She cleared many things I have had in my mind for a while.
From the reading, she saw present and my past life situation correctly.
I was helpful for my further decisions.
It was really a great experience, I recommend Melinda highly!
16 April 2016
Melinda is great.
She not only tells you things for your future but gives you so valuable advice and guide you on the right direction.
One thing she mentioned already happened and I am excited to see what else will happen in the future.
I highly recommend Melinda, she gives you great hope and courage to follow the right road.
23 March 2016
I met Melinda when I was feeling quite down and, frankly, lost. She looked at my spread of cards, told me that I would get a new job which I wasn’t expecting but would make me very happy. She also shared other prophesies about my life over the subsequent few months which, at that point in time, didn’t make much sense to me. I felt better after the consultation but didn’t think much about it after. Barely 2 months later, that job literally fell from the sky and those prophesies which didn’t seem to make sense previously came true! A dear friend recently asked me if I had a clairvoyant to recommend. I didn’t have to hesitate to recommend Melinda!
20 March 2016
J’ai consulté Melinda au cours d’un récent voyage en Asie. Il est encore trop tôt pour vous affirmer que ses prédictions se sont révélées exactes. Je ne peux donc dans un premier temps, que vous la conseiller vivement pour ses nombreuses qualités, qui sont déjà si importantes : sa grande disponibilité, sa gentillesse et ses précieux conseils pour faire face à ce qui nous préoccupe et adopter la bonne attitude pour résoudre les problèmes que chacun d’entre nous peut rencontrer au cours de son existence.
Je peux malgré tout témoigner que Mélinda a su voir avec précision mon principal sujet de préoccupation et me prodiguer de précieux conseils pour me sortir de cette situation.
Je ne manquerai de partager mon témoignage au fur et à mesure de la réalisation de ses prédictions.
11 March 2016
I had a face to face and over the phone readings with Melinda. Her accuracy is outstanding. She told me details about my life that nobody else’s knows. I am at crossroad of my life and her guidance is invaluable. Keep up the good work.
11 March 2016
I met Melinda, the session was a long one. I kept on being surprised about what she said. Melinda’s words were gentle and encouraging. I kept on thinking about what she said and would follow her advice. She told me there would be major changes at work and I would get some surprises. I was puzzled as I did not see major changes coming. The day I returned to office, there was some major re-organization announcements. Now I am curious about what else will come true!
Chicago, USA
03 February 2016
I have seen many clairvoyants before and Melinda has been the first one I have seen where I have felt confortable, warm and at ease. She explains everything clearly and shows genuine concern for you if not all news are good.

She picked up on a lot of things that very few people in my life knows about and was very accurate. I look forward to what is to come and hope that she is 100% correct on some things.

I will definitively be having a follow up appointment with her. Hopefully sonner rather than later.

19 December 2015
Some of my good friends who had the opportunity to meet Melinda and use her psychic consultations and coaching advice have managed to convince me to also try to call on her talents. Honestly I was somewhat sceptical but a few weeks later I became extremely impressed by the rightness of her vision about my future.
I will not elaborate about what she told me since it is my privacy but 80% of what she could see has already happened hence disturbing my down to earth spirit.
My advice is you should try, you will be undoubtedly impressed.
Senior Executive, Paris-FRANCE
05 December 2015
I would like to highly recommend Melinda for anyone who is looking for some insight into their current and future life. Melinda was so accurate on so many topics, it blew me away.
She has a warm beautiful heart and her advice has given me much more confidence for the future and much more will power.
I feel privileged to have had a session and will definitively be in contact with her in the future.

One word to describe the experience: POWERFUL!

04 December 2015
I highly recommend Melinda for her accurate readings. She has such an amazing gift and is also a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. At the time, I thought I was heading in the right direction in my career and personal life but she told me I would be heading on a different path, one that has now happened only 2 months later. She is also very intuitive and gives amazing coaching and advice.
Thankyou so much Melinda, you are a beautiful soul. Everything you said is starting to unfold. Look forward to returning soon and can not wait to see you for another reading when I do.
Alternative Therapist, Northern Territory Australia
12 November 2015
J’ai consulté Melinda à deux reprises pour un tirage tarot, en espaçant d’une année ces deux visites. La première séance fut troublante, car Melinda ne connaissait rien de mon passé et présent, et elle a de suite vu la situation où je me trouvais (séparation d’avec mon compagnon), quelques événements de mon passé, les incertitudes concernant mon avenir professionnel et le lieu où je vivais. Ses prédictions se sont avérées juste, et j’avoue qu’elles ont légèrement déstabilisé mon esprit cartésien (notre avenir serait il donc déjà tracé?). Très satisfaite de ma première consultation de janvier 2014, j’ai repris contact avec Mélinda en janvier 2015, pour avoir une vision sur l’année à venir. Celle ci est bientôt finie, et de nouveau les prédictions de Mélinda se sont réalisées.
Aucun charlatanisme dans la pratique de la voyance par Mélinda, son don est réel! je continuerai à la consulter chaque début d’année et vous invite à la rencontrer si vous êtes à la recherche d’une professionnelle de la voyance.
A l’année prochaine, Mélinda… et merci encore pour votre gentillesse et professionnalisme
31 October 2015
Chère Melinda

Je vous ai consultée en février dernier pour avoir des réponses à certaines questions que je me posais. Vous avez pris beaucoup de temps pour me donner des détails qui ressortaient dans les cartes concernant ma situation. Depuis beaucoup de choses que vous m’aviez annoncées se sont passées alors que je n’y croyais pas. Je voulais vous remercier de votre gentillesse et votre disponibilité Ne changez surtout pas et continuez à rester à l’écoute des personnes. Je vous recommanderai chaleureusement à toute personne se sentant désespérée. Avec vous l’espoir est permis . Bien cordialement

Valenciennes- France
22 August 2015

Hello,Melinda – I would like to say “thank you” again. At that time, my mind had been very confused because a lot of things happen at the same time and I didn’t know which way should I need to choose but after I did a first session with you, my life was changed. With out any information from me, you can tell me what was going on in my mind at that time and give me an awesome advice to help me reset my mind and keep going on the best opportunity at that time. If I didn’t see you my life wouldn’t be like this, I wouldn’t have a great experienced, friends and future likes this. Thank you Melinda, you’re the best. My life has changed because of you. For people that still have a lot of question in your head. I’m highly recommend you to meet Melinda and let her help you, likes she did with me.


Physiotherapist Phuket,Thailand
22 August 2015
I have had the chance and privilege to go through a session with Melinda, and i must admit , it has been quite impressive, and mind blowing.

Many of her visions and comments were accurate and spotting excatly “where it hurts” , bringing into light all matters that deep inside bothers me on daily basis, and giving me some solutions and outcome .

I wish to thank her for help and extraodinary talent, and will seek more advises in future……….

business man, world citizen
21 July 2015
Melinda fait une très bonne voyance, en restant positive, en proposant un chemin de vie de façon la plus rayonnante possible, mais SURTOUT il y a un plus : je suis certaine que Melinda fait partie de ces ‘ passeurs’, de ceux qui, lorsque on les croise, nous enveloppent d’une onde de grâce et d’une belle force, ou ‘ chance’, nous mettant tout de suite sur la voie de la simplicité et de la lumière.
ethnologue, Paris (FRANCE)
16 July 2015
Melinda has a real gift to see what may not yet have been revealed, to others, or to oneself. Amid so many so-called sooth-sayers and fakes, Melinda is true clair-voyant. She can see the unexpected and in her manner of interpretation, advise and guide one thro’ obstacles, present or yet to come. Rather like a gentle psychological and emotional coach.
She can see positive solutions hidden in negative periods. That’s the help we all need!
artiste, France
13 July 2015
Tout d abord merci merci merci!
J ai rencontre Melinda en Asie il a maintenant 4 ans et aujourd’hui je peux dire qu elle m a était d une grande aide … Ce fut spectaculaire dans la précision de mon futur avenir …
Aujourd’hui, j ai refait une consultation avec encore plus de précision, de fluidité pour mon futur: Elle est étonnante!!
Je recommanderai MELINDA pour son professionalisme, sa douce voix, son écoute et surtout pour ses dons extraordinaires… c est une personne surprenante avec un grand cœur
Thérapeute énergeticienne "magnétiseuse", Noisy Le Grand- Paris (FRANCE)
12 July 2015
I was quite reluctant to meet Melinda, as I have a very good psychic, and only consult with care. I must say, I have been totally impressed with Melinda’s readings which are very thorough and get right to the point. Her analysis of the situation is extremely accurate although mine was very complex, everything she said made perfect sense to me. She was able to give me some precise answers as how to find the right solutions to very difficult issues and opened some new tracks that really helped me focus on the ways to take. I came out of the appointment totally relieved, optimistic and looking forward to the future, thanking the fact that she accepted to do this reading for me. On top of all this, I met a wonderful, beautiful person which I will certainly consult again and highly recommend to my friends.
11 July 2015
Melinda m´a tiré les cartes à Paris et a prévu une grande réussite à un concours ainsi qu´un déménagement en conséquence. Cette prévision s´est réalisée il y 3 mois et mon déménagement est en cours.
Je l´ai consultée pour ma carrière professionnelle et j´en suis très satisfaite. Elle m´a donné du courage pour me préparer et avoir la force de faire des efforts qui me paraissaientt quasiment impossible.
Je n´hésiterai pas à la consulter à nouveau pour m´éclairer sur de nouveaux points à l´avenir.
03 July 2015
3 tirages de tarots différents et successifs, en Skype,
même diagnostic
et diagnosicis avérés dans les 6 mois annoncés

Des détails de vie en cours et passés, patents et vrais de la part d’une voyante que je ne connaissais pas avant l’exercice, donc non susceptible de connaître ces détails précis (je précise que je gère depuis toujours mon identitié numérique et qu’à l’époque je n’utisais pas de réseaux sociaux internets intrusifs susceptibles de renseigner sur ma vie personnelle
Pour une première expérience, je suis bluffé

03 July 2015
Des proches vous ont consultée, et ont été ravis des prédictions que vous leur avez données.
Vous avez redonné espoir à mon beau frère gravement malade, et je vous en serai toujours reconnaissante. Vos prédictions sont très fiables, et votre gentillesse et disponibilité sont immenses. Merci mille fois. Je n’hésiterai pas à revenir vers vous si un jour un doute m’assaille
03 July 2015
Where do I start? What can I say?
Originally, in my heart of heart, I firmly did not believe in this “stuff”. My curiosity rather than a “belief” led me to meet Melinda. It was a case of “why not? I may as well try…”
As a multilingual person, I was first very impressed when I met this lady full of talent.
How many people can efficiently communicate in English, Chinese, French and Spanish, juggle a successful international career, develop a very special gift and take it to a whole new level?
Well… Melinda can!
To be able to do this, one has to be a people person and this is exactly what Melinda is: a people person and a humanist at heart. I rarely came across anybody as generous as Melinda. She is generous with her time, her energy, her whole self and more. She is a giver and a helper.
For me, it felt like a “déjà vu”. I never met Melinda before but somehow, my encounter with her felt like I had known her all my life. W&W: Weird and Wonderful shall I say.
And then…she started reading my cards. There was no escaping and nowhere to hide. She was absolutely spot on!
It was like witnessing somebody reading the open book of my life. She just told me pretty much everything about my past, present and foreseeable future. There is absolutely no way she could have known all these details that nobody else knew. She even knew about job opportunities I had not discussed with anybody. And she knew pretty much everything about the complex dynamics of my family…even things I did not know…until my sister later confirmed these events had indeed happened! She had not told me about these because she did not want to worry me…but Melinda knew!
I cannot explain Melinda. She is a phenomenon in her own right. I just believe in her and her gift. I trust her as an intrinsically genuine person.
What I love about Melinda is her “matter of fact” attitude to life and her pragmatic way when providing me with some directions without ever being judgemental. She never imposes what the cards say. She just translates the signs. Then, it is up to you to decide which way you want to go.
Whilst I will always consider myself as a rational person, as far as I am concerned, I cannot rationalise her ability to do what she does: read people. It is irrational and one has to accept that her gift and talent cannot be explained but can be accepted.
I use her readings as road signs I may or may not follow on the map of my improvised life…but let me just put it simply: she is ALWAYS right!
Legal Consultant, London, UK
25 June 2015
Hello I would like to tell everyone about my experience doing a Skype session with Melinda, firstly I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable she made me feel straight away, I felt at ease and didn’t mind doing this threw Skype even though I have in the past seen other clairvoyant in person. Melinda knew nothing about me, yet she picked up on many things that are happening in my life, I did not say anything at first just wanted to see what the cards I can honestly say that not only has Melinda got a beautiful heart and is such a good person, she also lifted my spirits and gave me the clarity I was searching for, not only that but she does NOT rush you or is a time watcher, we went over my appointed time as I really felt she cared about my well-being and did her upmost to give me the positive news she did see in my cards , I was so happy that I did this session with Melinda she is worth it and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who needs some clarity in their lives when feeling lost or down to give her a go, she made me feel like I was right there next to her , I felt that everything she saw was correct and how could she have known? Melinda is gifted and has given me so much I will definitely be seeing her again, also at the end of our session, she sent me encouraging messages and to keep positive..I BELIEVE in her and hope that my review can help others too. THANK YOU so so much Melinda for been so kind and real I already feel so uplifted…LOTS LOVE ..all the way from Australia………Sophia Xoxoxox <3
I am Italian but live in Australia, Melbourne
25 June 2015
Hello, I manage a Healing and Detox Center in South Asia and Melinda is part of our free-lance therapists.
Everytime a guest books a session with Melinda, he/she is amazed how accurate Melinda is. Some of the guests are sceptical but want to try. They are speechless about things that Melinda tells them, things that they are the only ones to know and that she could have never guessed. She puts words on their situation at many levels: personal, emotional, professional and more. She will tell the truth about good and bad things. She makes you feel comfortable with her warm and caring personality. I highly recommend Melinda. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information about Melinda’sessions in our Center.
Manager at Healing and Detox Center, ASIA
19 June 2015
Je connais Melinda depuis de nombreuses années et ses pressentiments se sont toujours révélés pertinents. J’ai été très surpris de la précision de certaines de ses voyances (eg. Nous avons retrouvé notre chat grace à la localisation qu’elle a pu en faire). Sur le plan humain, Melinda est chaleureuse, très à l’écoute et toujours prête à dispenser ses précieux conseils.
Cadre dirigeant, Lyon (France)
16 June 2015
J’ai consulté Melinda à un moment difficile de ma vie, ne sachant pas quoi faire.
Avec beaucoup de précision elle m’a donné les renseignements. Beaucoup de ses prédictions se sont révélées exactes. Elle m’a prédit un pan de ma vie qui s’est produit 4 ans après sa consultation, je n’y croyais pas à cette époque. De plus, elle m’a annoncé certaines choses de mon passé, que personne ne pouvait connaître. Je n’hésiterai pas à faire appel à elle de nouveau pour toute incertitude sur mon avenir. Merci Mélinda de m’avoir redonné confiance. Votre sérieux et votre disponibilité font de vous quelqu’un d’exceptionnel dans votre domaine.
15 June 2015
Melinda est la première personne avec qui j’ai consulté. Au début j’étais dubitatif, voire incrédule. Et puis avec le temps, je me suis rendu à l’évidence. Melinda avait bien vu les choses, parfois avec beaucoup d’anticipation. A tel point que j’ai même été surpris (à plusieurs reprises) par la précision de ses prédictions. Pour tout dire, je ne me souviens pas d’erreur de sa part.
Désormais nous nous entretenons régulièrement et je n’envisagerai pas de prendre de grandes décisions dans ma vie sans la consulter.
J’espère que mon retour d’expérience profitera à celles et ceux qui hésiteraient encore à lui faire confiance.


Cadre dirigeant, Hong Kong
09 June 2015
Je dirige un centre de bien être en Asie du Sud-Est et Melinda fait partie de nos intervenants extérieurs.

A chaque fois qu’un de nos client réserve une séance avec Melinda, il en ressort enchanté et estomaqué par la véracité de ce qu elle lit dans les cartes.
Même mes clients les plus septiques viennent me remercier, après leur séance, de leur avoir conseillé de voir Melinda et ils n’en reviennent pas des détails précis que Melinda a pu leur donner, non seulement sur leur vie actuelle et passée, mais aussi par le nombre d informations qu elle communique sur leur futur.

Ayant beaucoup de clients fidèles qui reviennent régulièrement dans mon centre, ils me confirment que ce que Melinda leur avait prédît quelques mois auparavant se passe vraiment !

Je peux parler aussi de mon cas personnel. Avant de demander a Melinda de faire partie de nos intervenants, j ai moi même eu une séance avec elle. J ai été bluffée. Ayant enregistré la séance, j ai eu loisir de réécouter notre conversation quelques mois plus tard, et ce qui me semblait improbable lors de la séance, était vraiment entrain de se passer quelques mois plus tard
Par ailleurs, ce que j’apprecie chez Melinda, c est son coté “vrai” et “terre a terre”. C est une jeune femme posée, souriante, rationnelle (meme si ca peut paraitre surprenant), “qui ne joue pas a la voyante”, très a l’écoute, pleine d’empathie, de bon conseils et qui met tout de suite a l’aise.
Je suis ravie que Melinda fasse partie de nos intervenants et j espère que notre collaboration durera très longtemps.
N’hésitez pas a contacter Melinda si vous souhaitez que je partage avec vous mon expérience de mes séances avec Melinda.

08 June 2015
Hello Melinda,
merci pour votre voyance et vos conseils, vous êtes d’une précision étonnante, et je recommande vivement à celles et ceux qui hésiteraient à consulter. Melinda fait preuve de professionnalisme et de grande honnêteté, de justesse dans ses flashs. Merci Melinda.
Jean Luc – France
Jean Luc
03 June 2015
J’ai eu recours au service de Mélinda à plusieurs reprises.
Elle a su être précise sur les sujets abordés et m’a éclaircir sur mon futur.
Je recommande vivement Mélinda.
Vous serez surpris de ses dons.
02 June 2015
Coucou Melinda, Vous m’aviez fais une consultation complète en 2014 et beaucoup de choses que vous m’aviez dit sont arrivées. Une 2ième consultation cette année ou vous avez vu des choses, impossible de savoir …… Il est très rare de rencontrer des personnes avec de vraies compétences comme les vôtres, en plus vous êtes très accueillante avec une voix douce et posée. Hors lorsque nous faisons la démarche de prendre une consultation, le but est d’entendre la VERITE afin que nous pussions anticiper le cas échéant. Pour ma part, je recommanderai votre professionnalisme car vos prédictions sont bien réelles. Je vous dis à très vite pour vous tenir au courant. Pour toutes les personnes qui liront mon message: n’hésitez surtout pas à consulter Melinda, car elle vous dira franchement ce qui vous attendra dans l’avenir, sans superflu et sans mensonge et ça c’est TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02 June 2015
J’ai eu l’occasion de consulter tout au long de ma vie, et suis tombée sur quelques (rares) personnes particulierement competentes…Sans appel….Melinda est l’une d’elles….L’une de ces personnes dont on transmet le contact “sous le manteau” travail silencieux du bouche à oreille…
France, Citoyenne du Monde
01 June 2015
Il y a un peu plus d’un mois Mélinda, que j’ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer en Asie, m’a proposé un oracle de Belinne qui a duré un peu plus d’une heure. Alors que les cartes étaient mélangées et tirées par moi et uniquement moi, Mélinda m’a tracée un futur surprenant, tant sur la connaissance de ma personne et sur mon devenir.

Sceptique au début, il se trouve avec ce temps passé ,quecertaines prédictions éclatent de vérité, surtout dans ma vie privée.

C’est particulièrement étonnant de voir avec quelle précision elle a abordé un ou deux sujets et ces derniers ont eu comme aboutissements ce que Mélinda avait prévu.

j’irais consulter à nouveau car elle me surprend.

Merci Mélinda,


Voyages beaucoup…
01 June 2015
Merci Melinda,

Je suis heureuse de pouvoir témoigner ici que les renseignements précieux apportés par votre voyance nous ont permis de découvrir qu’un point d’un contrat émis par notre notaire n etait pas approprié et que nous avons pu ainsi corriger. Il est tellement important qu’un contrat soit complet et juste. Avant cette séance, nous ne savions absolument pas qu’il y avait un manquement dans ce contrat. C’est très étonnant et exceptionel de recevoir des informations aussi précises lors d’une séance de voyance.

Aussi, je recommande à tous vos clients d’écouter les conseils donnés lors d’une séance de voyance. Ils sont très judicieux.

31 October 2016
Merci Melinda,

Je suis heureuse de pouvoir témoigner ici que les renseignements précieux apportés par votre voyance nous ont permis de découvrir qu’un point d’un contrat émis par notre notaire n etait pas approprié et que nous avons pu ainsi corriger. Il est tellement important qu’un contrat soit complet et juste. Avant cette séance, nous ne savions absolument pas qu’il y avait un manquement dans ce contrat. C’est très étonnant et exceptionel de recevoir des informations aussi précises lors d’une séance de voyance.

Aussi, je recommande à tous vos clients d’écouter les conseils donnés lors d’une séance de voyance. Ils sont très judicieux.

31 October 2016