Where do I start? What can I say?
Originally, in my heart of heart, I firmly did not believe in this “stuff”. My curiosity rather than a “belief” led me to meet Melinda. It was a case of “why not? I may as well try…”
As a multilingual person, I was first very impressed when I met this lady full of talent.
How many people can efficiently communicate in English, Chinese, French and Spanish, juggle a successful international career, develop a very special gift and take it to a whole new level?
Well… Melinda can!
To be able to do this, one has to be a people person and this is exactly what Melinda is: a people person and a humanist at heart. I rarely came across anybody as generous as Melinda. She is generous with her time, her energy, her whole self and more. She is a giver and a helper.
For me, it felt like a “déjà vu”. I never met Melinda before but somehow, my encounter with her felt like I had known her all my life. W&W: Weird and Wonderful shall I say.
And then…she started reading my cards. There was no escaping and nowhere to hide. She was absolutely spot on!
It was like witnessing somebody reading the open book of my life. She just told me pretty much everything about my past, present and foreseeable future. There is absolutely no way she could have known all these details that nobody else knew. She even knew about job opportunities I had not discussed with anybody. And she knew pretty much everything about the complex dynamics of my family…even things I did not know…until my sister later confirmed these events had indeed happened! She had not told me about these because she did not want to worry me…but Melinda knew!
I cannot explain Melinda. She is a phenomenon in her own right. I just believe in her and her gift. I trust her as an intrinsically genuine person.
What I love about Melinda is her “matter of fact” attitude to life and her pragmatic way when providing me with some directions without ever being judgemental. She never imposes what the cards say. She just translates the signs. Then, it is up to you to decide which way you want to go.
Whilst I will always consider myself as a rational person, as far as I am concerned, I cannot rationalise her ability to do what she does: read people. It is irrational and one has to accept that her gift and talent cannot be explained but can be accepted.
I use her readings as road signs I may or may not follow on the map of my improvised life…but let me just put it simply: she is ALWAYS right!

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