Une aide precieuse
Mon expérience en voyance-coaching

“I met Melinda 6 years ago at a retreat in Thailand.
A friend recommended her and l was quite surprised by her abilities. We stayed in touch and when I entered an extremely tough family situation; Melinda was right there able to guide me through the massive fog I had in front of me . It felt almost hopeless at times, but her analysis of the situation helped me find cliffhangers,which enabled me to put one foot in front of the other. Some of the things she saw in her reading seemed so far fetched, yet when they appeared I also knew that I would manage through it successfully. I’ve stayed in touch with her because I feel it’s a nice way to keep my keel even as I sail through life and her readings have helped me find my way. I’m in a good place now and so grateful that I had her in this extremely difficult period. ”



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