Welcome to my site

I'm a psychic by birth and practice and read tarot cards. This is a gift passed on to me by my maternal grandmother. She also passed it on to my mother who for years had to live with her forebodings. Palmist per excellence, my mother gave me the confidence in doing divination, but never wanted to teach me the art of palm reading.

My intuition has chosen its own path and its own media. I started to experience my first visions at the age of 4.

Gradually as I grew up, I had to get used to living with perceptions and feelings that I could not control: such as negative events like accidents, loss of people close to us or disease. I predicted in my teens that my father would die on my 30th birthday year and he did the day of celebrating my 30th birthday... My second brother died at the age of 52. At 13 I sometimes cried, because I knew that my brother would leave this world early, around 50 years of age.

These traumatic incidents have accumulated over the years. Only through concentrating on my studies and career have I been able to distance myself from such negative perceptions.

Following the death of my mother in 2005, my medium-ship has rebounded strongly, so much so that from 2006 to 2007 I started to have clearer and more accurate visions.

My visions always occur during deep sleep between 3am and 5am. This happens at certain times of the year. When I wake up, I am able to identify the symbols and sequences of my dreams.

It is also sometimes very disturbing, because unintentional images and messages are conveyed to me without my asking for them.

2007 was a pivotal year. It was the year that triggered what has now become my site for clairvoyance

Having resided in Asia for many years, I dreamed of an island in SE Asia in January 2007. A Buddha looked at me and showed me with his left hand where I would live. He told me ¨ your house is in this direction ... ¨

In my dream, I saw a footprint on a rock covered by the sea. I saw the rock under water and the sea sweeping over it. For weeks, I had the belief that the island existed somewhere, but where?

For months I searched for the island, unable to find any data on search engines. That same year in May, I was going on vacation for a few days and decided to go to South Asia. I bought a flight ticket to Thailand. When preparing my luggage, a map fell out of my suitcase, from my last holiday in Thailand. I was stunned. The map had the shape of the island that I had scribbled in January and was the one I was looking for.

I realized it was somewhere in southern Thailand.

Arrived, I inquired, but no one had heard of an island with a footprint on a rock covered by the sea, neither local nor foreigner. Changing hotels produced something very curious. A Thai lady who worked at the new hotel I stayed asked me if I was headed back to my country. I told her that my trip was not finished yet and I had to move south in search of a specific place.

She told me she could help me, because she had been a tour guide. So I told her I was looking for this island and I absolutely had to find it. She was speechless and asked me where I read this. I explained that I had not read anything about it and that my curiosity was the result of one of my dreams ... She then replied:

"This is incredible! It is a sign of destiny ". She then told me that the island existed, it was very south and few people went there because it was not touristy. It is a Buddhist island guarded by monks where only true Buddhists generally make pilgrimages. She wrote in Thai directions on how to get there.

It is with great excitement and curiosity that my new journey began. I had to take a boat with a fisherman to take me there. At first he would not make the trip, because I was a foreigner and he told me that this island was not for tourists! Finally, after much effort, I was able to convince him to take me there.

This unusual experience was like shooting an Indiana Jones movie ...

When we arrived on the island, I saw monks who came out of a building. They rushed to the beach, seeing our boat arrive, and asked the fisherman who I was and what I was doing on the island.

I do not know what the fisherman replied in Thai. Still, one of the monks asked me where I was from. I told him I was from Europe, but I was living in China. He then asked me in English if I spoke Chinese because his mother was Chinese and his father Thai. He spoke very little English and felt more comfortable in Mandarin. With this, we were able to communicate more easily. The monks took to me more warmly after this and also took me to visit the site in question (at the pier where the famous footprint was imprinted in rock)

This would be the footprint of Buddha, 2500 years old. The footprint is located under a pagoda, which was destroyed before the 2004 tsunami. A strong storm destroyed the building and there is almost nothing left. Since the disaster one of the monks, the oldest and also the master of the house, had tried to rebuild it through donations. In 2007, he had very little money to complete this project. He told me that his greatest wish was to successfully rebuild the pagoda on top of the rock.

In terms of my dream, the old monk was convinced that it was my destiny to return to a place where I lived in a past life ... He told me that if I 'was born on a Tuesday, it was a sign of destiny. I had surely been in charge of the construction of the pagoda in the past but had died before finishing the project.

Quite honestly, that day I had no idea of my birthday! To my surprise, I discovered that I was born on a Tuesday. That's when I felt overwhelmed by the reaction of the monks ... They mumbled words in Thai that I could not understand.

Despite my sixth sense I’m a rational person and had much to think about.

Following the trip to the island, I went back to the island several times. Since my visit in May 2007, the monk began to receive more donations and in 2013 he almost met the sum he needed to build the pagoda and to transport materials by sea. I wish to help him finish the pagoda, as he is very old and has spent the past years protecting the island.

This incredible and very real experience leads me today to exercise clairvoyance on a larger scale. The facts made ​​clear by vision have given me a maturity that has encouraged me to offer consultations to those who often need a special ear and voice to restore their confidence.